Bob@ 3:34am 03-14-2018
I've used your very useful numbers page for years with my students. Now that so many use iPhone and iPads, it would be most helpful if you could eliminate the Flash requirement for many of the exercises.
abed@ 5:47pm 01-15-2018
english number is very useful I've read and listen to its topic several times. I appreciate your efforts. Thank you very much
Lynda Deckard Ramos@ 1:15pm 08-17-2017
Your page is very nice but I wanted to download a couple of the sound files to use in an exam and I was not able to do it. Of course I would credit your site so my students could use it and get more practice. Can you help me?
Jenny@ 8:33pm 08-01-2017
Thank you very much!!!!! This website helps me a lot~I can practice by myself every day.
Nguyen Thuy Vy@ 10:13pm 06-05-2017
Thank you very much for your great exercises! It is hard for me to find similar exercises on The Internet. It will be great if you can add exercises in regards to English names!
Linda@ 10:54am 03-18-2017
Great exercises. Recently, I've found the need to practice email and website addresses. I'd like to recommend you add exercises for these. Thank you.
Kleber@ 9:48am 02-13-2017
This site it's very good. It help me in my practice in English. Thanks very much.
Joy@ 8:23am 01-24-2017
I love this website it helps me in my Mathemeatics
Homework when I have trouble with it.
Joy@ 8:19am 01-24-2017
I love this website it helps me in my Mathematics Homework.
Mosayeb@ 10:52pm 11-16-2016
Your site is so great and useful. Thank you for everything.
Azamat@ 1:18pm 10-21-2016
This web site very useful. Thank you very much!
Telephone number quiz need please
aaron@ 1:36pm 09-08-2016
great site ever I known about English training.
I think the best part of this site is the "11-99 spell quiz", for there are whole 89 numbers that I could dictate.
I hope if we could have more quiz in the part of "numbers more than 100" , "telephone numbers" , etc.

This website really help a lot, thank you all guys.
galvarino rodriguez@ 8:27am 08-01-2016
How do we pronounce 2750 BC?
I'm reading an introduction about "Gilgamesh", a poem which talks about a king who ruled Mesopotamia in about 2750 BC.

Thank you
Austin@ 11:37pm 06-27-2016
This website is very useful. I would suggest proofreading the site, especially headings. There are grammatical errors and incomplete sentences. Also, eighteen is spelled incorrectly here:
Arwen@ 8:54am 04-15-2016
Great site . Thanks

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